We at Ametrine House pride ourselves on being an empathic voice to disabled individuals on various journeys of discovery and achievement.


The philosophy behind Ametrine House is that individuals with developmental disabilities can be productive and contributing members of society and the communities they live in.  We believe that individuals with disabilities, regardless of the severity level, possess the same basic human needs as those without disability struggles. Like others, they need and desire to be included as part of a loving community instead of an environment plagued with ridicule and restrictions.  Disabled individuals have the right to reign free in a home they can call their own and should not be sentenced to a life of confinement and isolation marked by many private and/or state developmental institutions. 


We at Ametrine House pride ourselves on being an empathic voice to disabled individuals on various journeys of discovery and achievement. We are a shelter for those individuals who can no longer reside with their families; we are a solid foundation for those who require additional support; and we are a bridge of transition for those seeking to move from a restrictive setting to one with more freedoms and leisure.  Our caring environment is staffed with compassionate individuals who work together to make Ametrine House a family and a Home for all who reside in it.



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About Us

Ametrine House (AH) is a 4-bed, 4,700 sq. ft., two-story Adult Residential Facility located in Mira Loma, CA. We provide direct care, supervision and special services to adults ages 18 – 59 who struggle with developmental disabilities 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and 365 days a year.


The house’s homey design provides an intimate setting for client’s who need person-centered care; while it’s 4,700 square foot open and roomy floor plan caters to clients needing a higher service level of care and more personal space.

Holding Hands


Residents of AH will receive the following services from our caring and compassionate staff: Basic Care Services, Personal Development Coaching, Independent Living Coaching, Progress Tracking and Reporting and Planned Activities.

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