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The house’s homey design provides an intimate setting for client’s who need person-centered care; while it’s 4,700 square foot open and roomy floor plan caters to clients needing a higher service level of care and more personal space. The AH environment is conducive to our commitment to providing quality care and a fighting chance for our clients to live and thrive. The house’s amenities are as follows: 


Bedrooms: AH has a total of 5 bedrooms, allowing each client to choose his/her own private room.  All bedrooms allow easy passage and comfortable usage of any required client-assistive devises.  


Bathrooms: Each of Ametrine House’s 5 full bathrooms contains a toilet, one-two washbasins, and bath and shower fixtures.  Bathrooms are equipped with doors that lock for individual privacy and are all located within close proximity of the clients’ bedrooms.


Laundry Room:  The laundry room is located on the property’s first floor, has a washer, dryer, laundry baskets for soiled linen, and plenty of space for ironing and mending personal clothing.


Stairways/Hallways: The stairway and hallways are equipped with light switches and nightlights to ensure ample visibility and safe passage at all times.   


Living Room: The living room contains plenty of space for relaxation while enjoying movies, game shows or sporting events on our 44inch wide-screen television.


Kitchen: Our kitchen is equipped with stainless still appliances and granite counter tops and has plenty of space for meal prepping and cooking demonstrations with clients.   


Backyard: AH has a spacious backyard that’s easily accessible from the inside of the house.  The area contains patio furniture with shaded umbrellas for clients to relax and enjoy a day in the sun.  


Leisure Room:  Ametrine House’s leisure room is furnished with a television, seating area, books, games, magazines, game table and ample space for planned activities and visitation with fellow residents, family and friends. 


Dining Room: Ametrine House has two dining areas (casual and formal) allowing plenty of space for clients to share meals with other residents, family and friends.